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About us

We are a boating family who has been running a lending boat business since the year 2000. We live in the town of Strakonice which is situated in the southern Bohemia. We provide the transport of boats to the Otava and Vltava Rivers. However, we are able to lend the boats even for the other rivers as well.

We offer:

  • plastic and laminated canoes (Vydra type)
  • three seat plastic canoes (Prijon) - suitable for families (two parents and a child)
  • paddles produced by TNP - we provide paddles of different sizes to suit your needs
  • children's vests, sacks and cases for personal documents, mobile phones and maps produced by HIKO
  • you obtain the following additional tools as well: rope, sponge and a container which helps you to empty the boat of water

Are you beginners?

  • Is it your first time floating the river? We'll be glad to share our experience with you.
  • Are you afraid of taking children with you? Don't be! Our daughter has been enjoying it since she was two. It was worth it even though we had to change the program and the pace of our trips a little bit.
  • Do you love exploring and learning about the country which you're floating through? Feel welcomed!

We wish you great moments on the river. AHOJ!